Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm tired of my first week books, help me find new titles!

Teachers and Students learn from each other book!

I have been wanting to incorporate some new books into our first week.  The message of this book is heartfelt and the pictures are adorable.  I think this book is perfect for beginning a year long adventure together!  Maryann Cusimano Love says:

"As a teacher myself for over twenty years, I know first hand how much I learn from my students, and how important the special bond is between students and teachers, each rooting for each other and helping each other to grow"

Check out Maryann Cusimano Love's website :

Book To Read When Setting Class Rules

My student "howl" (yes pun intended) when we read Marley Goes to School   from the popular Marley series by John Grogan.  As you can imagine Marley causes quite a ruckus when he follows his best friend to the first day of school.  This book lends itself to a great conversation about rules and the chaos that can happen when rules aren't followed.   

Share your ideas!  I love First Day Jitters but I'm looking for some new titles to jazz it up this year:)  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monstrously Fun Decor!

Hi All-

This summer has been a whirlwind so far!  This weekend will be my 6th weekend in a row at  Lacrosse tournaments up and down the East Coast.    I'm having fun and love watching my leaves little time for blogging!

I did post many new items on Teachers Pay Teachers but haven't had time to blog about them!

Are you looking to decorate or start a new class theme?  I created some fun monster theme items for the classroom and lockers.  Check them out!