Monday, August 13, 2012

Freebie!! 2nd Day in 2nd Grade Pencil Topper

A freebie for you!  I hope your new buddies will enjoy finding these at the top on their pencils on 2nd day of school!  I hope your all having fun settling into your rooms and creating plans for a fun filled year!  Just click the link below.  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

BTS 12 250x125  Be sure to stop by and check out my sale!  Everything is 20% off and TPT  offering an additional discount if you enter code BTS12.   My cart is full I've been busy shopping!    Please come shop and and become inspired to begin your new year!!   Jen

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How did I miss this one!!  Please check it out- there is such a talented pool of graphic artist out there!

Check Out This Cool Robot Theme!

Heading to the wave pool with my boys and neighborhood kids.  Days like this are my favorite, trying to squeeze it all in before end of summer.

 If your stuck for a hallway bulletin board idea check out my new Robot theme!  I have plenty of boards in front so I made "Welcome" and "Gear Up For A New Year" Chevron letters placed on Gears/Cogs.    I put the name plates on lockers  with student names.

This set also includes incentive charts, birthday certificates, book marks, lost tooth and hundred certs.

My younger son and I are heading into school tomorrow , hoping to get front board up, I'll post a picture if I do!   Enjoy!

Cute Robot Class Decor

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Read Write Think ...a Great "Go to"!!

Are you looking for Language Arts enrichment resources?  Be sure to check out the online interactive sources at Read Write .  One of my favorites is the postcard generator.  Students can write a postcard to or from a story character or to the author of a story.  When we read a story about Chinatown during Chinese New Year students wrote a post card to their families describing the setting using five senses.
Students love the design choices too!  
Check out all the interactive choices-it's a great go to!    Jen
What are some of your favorite go to online activities for enrichment?  Please share!!
Read Write Think

This is a link with great resources , enjoy!!
Great Writing Resource Link

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Freebie For You!

A freebie for you !  I print on cardstock, laminate, and velcro to the front of  my favorite Really Good Stuff  paper baskets.